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Concept Art


Environment and Character Concept Art

This is part of a project assignment based on the story below.

A meteor “egg” lands in a small town in middle America, anyone who’s been exposed mutates into a blood thirsty creature of death and mayhem. The Police are overwhelmed and many of them become part of the infected. The government sends the military in but they’re losing ground and many of the soldiers have been exposed now too. A highly advance secret government military division show up to contain the threat but as we learn later on in the story they may have a hidden agenda that’s not in the best interest of the civilians. These guys come equipped with state of the art toys and have far more advanced armor and weaponry than the army but despite all that they end up getting waxed too, the mutants are too many and too powerful, more than they thought they could handle. It spreading like a wild fire and only a small group of towns people trapped inside the quarantined area can stop it, they have to go to the source and kill the “mother” beast, kill the queen and the rest are lost.

I have chosen to set it in a small town in the South during the civil war, and I am doing it as an animated film in a cartoony Pixar style.

I used a hybrid of 3d mock-ups for the basic layout (about 20%) to ensure it can translate properly to 3d and the hand painted in Photoshop for rest.

Southern Belle Mutant entirely Photoshop

Araneas Altar01 by Shana Koenig
Araneas Altar01 by Shana Koenig
Araneas Altar01 by Shana Koenig
Araneas Altar01 by Shana Koenig
Copy of Infection_ShanaKoenig_Ideation01.jpg

Orray of the Multiverse

Environment Concept Art

Orrey Chamber, the project brief follows.

"This is an open topic. It could be strategic, mystical, scientific, or whatever else you wish to imagine, similarly it could be ancient, steampunk, alien, futuristic, etc. Let your design and rendering tell the story. An Orrery is a room that has a model of the solar system in it. It's usually mechanical. It shows the path of the planets as they spin around the sun and can accurately predict alignments based on the previous speed and track of each of the planets."

I really like the idea of worlds within world and how string theory Buddhism and Hinduism all relate. I have two different thumbnails below based on these ideas

1) My first idea was of an Orrey of the Multiverse when Vishnu made up of "string" particles balances all the 10 dimensions of the Multiverse in his 10 hands. Within each world you can look down further and further levels till you get to our solar system. Vishnu is then standing on the back of a turtle with holds up the Cabali-yau shape (which is supposedly what a cross section of the next dimension would look like) in the vastness of space. I didn't know if this idea was too out there and no longer fit the brief so I came up with a second idea too.

2) This take place on a mountain top in a parallel universe. A high priest had a vision of what the Multiverse Orrey (from above) looked like and then the society built a temple a giant statue inside that looks like the 10 dimension down, out solar system.


The second idea was taken to completion.

Orray of the Multiverse, sketches by Shana Koenig
Orray of the Multiverse, by Shana Koenig

Araneas Altar

Environment Concept Art

The project brief follows.

Show a pulse of green mana at Araneas Altar -- The pulse shoots straight into the air, but wisps of green "smoke" billow out around the base of the altar. The "smoke" forms indistinct shapes reminiscent of creatures, objects, or just weird shapes. The Altar is up to you is a copper shrine build around the area formerly known as the Radix. When viewed from above, the altar very vaguely resembles a giant spider.


By using a combination of 3D renderings and 2D painting I was able to easily explore different camera angles and smoke shape variations.


I based this on the Mayan culture and their worship of the gods of the underworld that they believe they can access through the cenotes.

Araneas Altar01 by Shana Koenig
Araneas Altar01 by Shana Koenig
Araneas Altar01 by Shana Koenig

An Insects View of the World

Environment Concept Art

Some little pill bugs go on a journey through a surreal seaside land.


Environments one and two have been taken to completion, three and four are sketches.

Painted in Photoshop using real world photos as starting elements.

Jellyfish Canyon by Shana Koenig
Tidepool Cave by Shana Koenig
Barnacle Mountains by Shana Koenig
Barnacle Mountains by Shana Koenig


Environment Concept Art

In the heart of a mystical and enchanted forest, where ancient trees stood tall with twisted branches and hanging lights, there existed a hidden realm of magic and mystery.

Deep within this forest, on a rocky isle in the middle of a serene lake, stood a haunted old rambling house.


Painted in Photoshop with some photographic elements.

Millwood by Shana Koenig

Concept Art Thumbnails

Painted in Photoshop

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