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Expert Texturing, Lighting and Compositing Artist and CG Supervisor with over 20 years of successful project engagements for numerous high profile clients. Demonstrated ability pushing the boundaries of visual animation along with leading teams successfully through any project from a TV commercial through a feature length animated film.  Outstanding at pipeline and workflow development especially for texturing, lighting, and compositing.  Proven leader, with a traditional art degree and excellent eye that influences all her work whether as a supervisor or the creator.


Los Angeles, CA

Areas of Expertise
  • CG Supervisor

  • Working with global partners

  • Lighting

  • Compositing

  • Shader Development

  • Texture Painting

  • 3D Look Development

  • Concept Art

  • VR projects

  • Design walk-throughs

  • Working with global partners
  • Pipeline development
  • Stereo Projects

  • Visual Effects

  • AI

  • Matte Painting



  • 3Ds Max

  • Maya

  • Houdini

  • Z-Brush

  • Vue

  • Unreal

  • Unity


  • VRay

  • Arnold

  • Metal Ray

  • Renderman


  • Substance Painter

  • Substance Designer

  • Mari

  • Body Paint


  • Nuke

  • Fusion

  • After Effects


  • Photoshop 

  • Painter

  • Intuos/Cintiq Tablets


  • MEL

  • SL Shader

  • Python


  • Midjourney

  • DALL-E

  • Kaiber

  • Pika Labs

  • RunwayML

Other Art Skills

  • Painting, Drawing and Sculpture

  • Photography

  • Concept and creation of fiber optic and LED sculptures for large scale installations


Freelance Motion Graphics, Product Visualization Animation and Rendering
Los Angeles, CA
  • Freelance work ranging from feature films, to VR, commercial, logos, and product design.

  • Creating complete solutions for the entire job, or just the portion she oversees.

  • Digital art using new AI technology for a wide range of clients from concept art, to fine art prints and logos, combining AI with other methods

  • Working with clients to come up with creative visual solutions, from rough concepting different options to the final animation or still render.

CG Supervisor
Prana Studios
Mumbai, India and Los Angeles, CA
2004 - 2011

Primary Responsibilities


  • Developed overall production pipelines that grew the studio from 50 artists to over 800.

  • Specialized research and development of production pipelines for texturing, lighting, fur, effects, simulations, rendering and compositing.

  • Created standard procedures and comprehensive tutorials for all team members.

  • Collaborated with team leaders and production to decide the best strategic tools.

  • Provided training and mentorship to texturing, lighting, and compositing artists.

  • Directed project efforts with all team leads to accurately translate the client’s concept art into production assets for all environments, characters, props, and effects and achieve final look for all shots.

  • Offered solutions for large-scale issues, including crowds, complex environments and effects.

  • Simplified, deconstructed and scheduled sequences and shots into manageable tasks.

  • Reviewed all sequences prior to layout to note additional assets needed.

  • Assessed the work prospective jobs candidates during human resources hiring processes.

Key Projects

  • Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure (Disney)

  • Chubb Chubbs save X-mas (Sony)

  • Hoodwinked (Weinstein Co. - Lighting, Fur, Effects, Fixes, Rendering, Compositing.  Modeling, texturing, and animation done by Kanbar Animation.)

  • Dinoworld (Ride filmed for a theme park in Japan)

  • Many test projects which cannot be named due to the Non-Disclusure Agreement with Prana.

Co-Supervised Projects

  • I-Witness

  • Tinkerbell franchise

CG Supervisor/Texture, Lighting, and Compositing Lead
Tigar Hare Studios
Los Angeles, CA
1999 - 2004

Primary Responsibilities

  • Promoted from a texture, lighting and compositing artist to the CG supervisor.

  • Directly worked on projects while managing and mentoring other artists.

  • Shader development, lighting, and effect looks and pipelines.

  • Communicated and reviewed all outsourced work and provided visual notes and training to ensure the highest quality work.

  • Collaborated with production management to design the look of many projects.

  • Worked on many looks from very stylized and cartoony to photoreal CG elements composited into live action footage.

  • Designed and created production light rigs, lighting work flows, tools and organized rendering pipelines

  • Participated in daily shot and asset reviews and critiques for artists.

  • Animationed and designed 3D motion graphics for station ID packages, logos, and movie titles.

CG Supervisor Projects

  • Temple of Elemental Evil

  • Twisted Metal

  • TBS Comedy Club Promo

  • Alien Racers

  • Funky Groovy

Texturing, Lighting, and Composting Projects

  • Driven

  • Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

  • Star Trek - Nemesis (opening Title)

  • Friends Inside

  • Natural Selection

  • Shorties

  • Celestial Pictures

  • Hot Wheels

  • Cat in the Hat

Design and Animation Projects

  • Junior




University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barabara, CA

1994 - 1998

Art Studio, Magna Cum Laude

Concept Design Academy and Gnomon, Los Angeles, CA


Concept Design for Environments and Characters, Advanced Digital Painting, Traditional and Digital Sculpting, Anatomy, Environment Sketching, Life Drawing


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