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Texturing/Lighting/Compositing Artist, Lead and Supervisor
Lighting Reel
Apex Legends: Escape Launch Trailer

  • Lit and pre-comped the beginning and ending shot on the water and beach.

Ugly Doll McDonalds Happy Meal
  • Lit and composted all the Ugly Dolls and Pretty Girls into the shot to match the background plate and Happy Meal character done by Lobo  (for legal reasons)

Friends Inside
Tigar Hare Studios
TV Pilot for Hallmark
  • Texturing Lead

    • Textured most of the characters and the props

  • Lighting Lead

  • Set up light rigs and look for the project

  • Rendering lead

  • Pipeline creation

Natural Selection
Tigar Hare Studios
Short Film


  • Texturing/Lighting of the birds, shells and the case

  • Compositing of the shots with the birds

Tigar Hare Studios
Full Length Movie
  • Texturing, lighting and compositing of all aspects

  • Both shots are 100% CG recreated from the live action footage

  • Quarter made using a custom painted displacement map

Tigar Hare Studios
TV Commercial for Mattel
  • Texturing of all characters and car

  • Created and simulated all hair

  • All lighting and compositing to seamlessly incorporate the CG characters into the live action plates.

Halo 2
Tigar Hare Studios
TV Commercial for Bungie
  • All texturing and lighting

Battle X
Tigar Hare Studios
TV Commercial
  • Texturing and Lighting lead

Edited Reel
Tigar Hare Studios
  • Edited reel of select works from Tigar Hare Studio

  • Texturing, fur creation, lighting, rendering and compositing

  • Animation of motion graphics

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