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Matt McGowen,

Director at Cyclone Productions


"Shana is a highly skilled motion graphics/vfx artist. She worked very well to our brief, communicated clearly and delivered work that far exceeded our expectations. We would highly recommend Shana for any computer graphics work you may have and hope to use her skills again in the near future."

Matt was Shana's freelance client

David Knudsen,

CEO/Creative Director at Altervision 3D


"Shana did a superb job animating a 30-second video rendering, depicting the vision I had for the next evolution of The Altervision 3D Blacklight Experience. Every little detail that I wanted to articulate, she took on and accurately portrayed.

She worked quickly and efficiently, and I couldn't have been happier with the result."


David was Shana's freelance client



Robert Schajer,
VFX Executive Producer at BUF Compagnie


"I had the pleasure of knowing Shana at Tigar Hare and I cannot recommend her highly enough. Not only was she a vital and reliable artist in her own right, she has the talent of balancing her own shot progress with being able to keep the rest of her team on track. I am not surprised that she has prospered everywhere she has gone since then and, given the opportunity, I would gladly work with her again."


Robert managed Shana at Tigar Hare Studios



Jai Natarajan,
Senior Advisor, Business Strategy at Xentrix Studios


"Shana was first a client supervisor (for Tigar Hare) and then an early CG supervisor at Prana. She is steeped in a culture of high quality art production and delivery. We did some game cinematic work together and I valued her artistic eye along with CG knowledge and never-say-die approach under immense pressure. Shana knows how to work with ambitious projects, while continuously trying to expand the pipeline and toolset to incorporate latest techniques. Her subsequent years in India (when Prana was breaking new ground for quality in the DVD and independent feature space) have given her great grounding in working alongside and running diverse teams. All through, she has not lost her hands-on touch for CG and for exploring new techniques, making her both an excellent individual artist and a Swiss Army Knife for a flexible environment. I unhesitatingly recommend her for any studio or project."


Jai worked directly with Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Nachiket Pujari,
Hair/Cloth Technical Director Prana Studios


"Shana is one of the most talented CG Supervisors I have ever had the privilege of working with. She is exceptionally talented, motivated and hard working. Shana brought an extensive knowledge of the 3D side of things and had a great eye for shots when supervising. She embodies the two most important qualities for supervising creative digital artists:
* She has a keen and discerning artistic eye, and knows how to translate her vision into clear direction for her crew.
* She has the leadership qualities that inspire a crew to go above and beyond the call, and to give their best.

I learned a lot from Shana and I sincerely hope to work with her again in the future"


Nachiket reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Hrishikesh Andurlekar,
CG Supervisor at Happy Finish


"Shana has unlimited energy. She is tenacious and tackles problems head on. She laid down the foundations of the CG and compositing workflow which used at Prana and it really stood the test of time and multiple projects. She was always very approachable and ready to solve practical issues faced. Her in-depth knowledge of the intricacies of the software and the project workflow was something we relied upon heavily while taking up challenging projects. I learned quite a lot about best practices by studying her Maya and Fusion files. I wish her all the best and would not hesitate to work with her once again."


Hrishikesh reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Jaykar Arudra,
VFX/CG Supervisor at Prana Studio


"Shana is a unique talent among the many that I have had the pleasure to work with. She has an excellent blend of technical and creative. Played a major role in developing pipelines at Prana along with myself and other talented members. Must have for all teams looking at doing benchmark quality CG work. Highly recommended."


Jaykar worked with Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Anushka Nunes,


"As part of the production department at Prana, I have had the pleasure of knowing Shana for the duration of my tenure at the studio. She has been a tremendous supervisor as she is consistently pleasant, tackling all the projects in her care with dedication and a smile.

Besides being a joy to work with, Shana is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits of new workflows. She has successfully developed several project plans which has helped the production department as well as the CG artists that work under her guidance.

In addition to writing effective training modules for lighting and texturing, Shana has always assumed a leadership role in production related meetings, inspiring and motivating other employees.

I highly recommend Shana for employment. She is a team player and would make a great asset to any organization."


Anushka worked indirectly for Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd


Milind Kuri,
Founder & Creative Head at ESHAM STUDIOS


"Shana, the Warrier Princess, We shared our first work in 2003 at Prana Studios till 2008, highly disciplined, a right balance at technicalities & creatives. Always ready to share & help 24x7. Shana have a great skill to motivate the team, which always is a great asset for the organization & Project as well. Loved working with her."


Milind worked directly with Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Agastya Kapoor,
Creative Director (Original Video Programming) at The Logical Indian


"Shana! Shana! Shana!

She was my first foreign CG Supervisor and a good friend. We have done a lot of work together here in Mumbai, India. I had always been inspired by her passion and wide knowledge of computer graphics and other creative avenues.

She was the first person that gave me a glimpse a foreign country and that too, the USA. Not only she's a good artist, a good professional but an excellent human at heart. I am sure she'll win hearts wherever she goes and whatever she does."

Agastya reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd


Swathi P.N.,
Production Dept. Firefly Creative Studio


"I have worked with Shana during her time in India with Prana Studio, Mumbai.
It was an absolute delight to work with her. She is a highly talented, creative and strong CG Supervisor. She is one of the few, who not only is creative but also technically very strong and to add to the charm is a producer as well."


Swathi worked directly with Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd


Writer/Director/VFX Consultant


"Shana is very dedicated and detail-oriented supervisor, having a very good eye for texturing, shading and lighting. She can supervise projects from modeling to final comp and has the ability to foresee problems throughout the pipeline for any given project.'


PAM worked directly with Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Rajeev B.R,
CG Supervisor at Prana Studio


"Shana, was the lead for my first project in Prana - "The Chubb Chubbs save X-Mass". Everything was new to me then ant it was a steep learning curve. But Shana, helped me in coping with the production speed of the project, since the deadline was very short. I learned a lot about shading and compositing from her during this project."


Rajeev reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd.



Himanshu Khatri,
Senior Lighting Artist at MPC


"Shana supervised me on several projects during my time at Prana Studios, including Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure, and Chubb Chubbs Save Xmas. Shana was very clear with her notes and demonstrated great technical and artistic skills. She was excellent with her communication, both with the clients and with the team. What I enjoyed best about working with Shana was that she was very hands-on with her leadership, ready to step in and solve issues on the box, whilst managing the project as CG Supervisor. I'm happy to recommend Shana to any organization seeking a well-balanced artist with leadership skills."


Himanshu reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Manoj Keer,

Compositing Supervisor at Assemblage


"Shana is very detail oriented and produced results for the company. The greatest supervisor I have ever worked with. She is not only a great artist but she is a great human being. She knew each and every artist with his name. A perfect all-rounder. She was was an asset for the company. I would love to work with her again in the future."


Manoj reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Raghunandan GK, 3D CG Artist/Photographer,
Freelance, Self Employed


"I have worked with Shana during my tenure in Prana from 2004 - 2009.  She is verytalented both creatively and technically.  She is very active person, ready to help anyone at any point in time. She is great leader and more than that very good person by heart.  I have learned a lot of things from her, she is a great person to work with and I would like to work with her again."


Raghunandan reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Manoj Bhandar,
Rigging Artist at Cinesite


"I had the privilege of working with Shana Koenig at the Prana Studio. In her position as CG Supervisor, Shana was a highly organized, goal oriented, independent and hardworking perfectionist always ready to put all her energy and stamina to get the job done. She is able to work in a fast-paced environment. Shana is a dedicated, ambitious and a result driven leader."


Manoj worked directly with Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd


Provash Paul,
Senior Modeling and Lighting Artist at Prana Animation Studios


"A great person to work with. She was my CG supervisor at Prana and always had a clear idea of what was required to make the show perfect. I followed her dicertions and it showed in the final outcome. Overall a very energetic person and took her work seriously with the utmost professionalism. I wish her a very successful career ahead."


Provash reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Mintu Sajeevalal,
Texturing Lead at Prana Studios


"Shana is a very talented person, I had the honor of working with her in Prana Studios. She is always looking for challenges and to learn new technologies. It was very nice working with her because her leadership and commitment is very impactful to the team."


Mintu worked directly with Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Brijesh Johar,
Freelance Writer


"Shana is very hard working and meticulous. She will be a great asset to any company."


Brijesh worked indirectly for Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Sanjay Francis

Freelance Animator


"Working with Shana was an amazing experience as she understood and enthusiastically undertook all the projects she was assigned."


Sanjay reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd



Amit Jadhav,
CG Compositing Supervisor at Riva Digital


"A very strong creative and technical CG Supervisor."


Amit reported to Shana at Prana Studios Pvt Ltd


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