Freelance CG Artist

Selected projects below, many cannot be shown due to Non Disclosure Agreements

Ugly Dolls and McDonald's Happy Meal Commercial

  • Lit and composted all the Ugly Dolls and Pretty Girls into the shot to match the background plate and Happy Meal character done by another studio for legal reasons.

Now Alchemy
Shilajit Animation

  • Environment, Modeling and Look Dev/Texturing

  • Cloud Creation and Animation

  • Bottle Modeling, Look Dev/Texturing and Animation

  • Lighting

    *Building were purchases on Turbo Squid, but adjusted for this project.


Building Futures Fund
Animated Logo

  • This for a nonprofit organization to help children with Autism through Lego therapy.

  • All modeling, rigging, animation, effects, texturing, lighting and compositing.

  • Worked closely with the client to achieve his vision based a basic idea.

Now Alchemy
Carbon 60 Animation
  • Concept design based of a mash-up of purchased online modes and some I created.

  • Look Dev/Texturing

  • Background painting

  • Lighting

  • Bottle Modeling, Look Dev/Texturing and Animation

Altervision 3D

  • 360 VR project

  • Created all aspects, modeling texturing, lighting, crowd creation based on client's rough ideas

  • Everything is modeled actually since this will be recreated in the real world

  • Please note this is still a Work In Progress

  • Please go to to view this in 360 on you computer

  • To view this in VR on your smartphone with Google Cardboard or a similar headset, please download the app WondaVR and scan the QR code below

Lumina Datamatrix,
Clara Barton

  • A proof of concept (still work in progress) interactive VR piece about Clara Barton (the founder of the American Red Cross) at Poffenberger farm at the Battle of Antietam Creek in the Civil War.

  • Did all the research and found the actual blue prints of the farm and all the building from the Library of Congress and recreated the buildings and the farm from it.

  • Creation of the environment, all the characters, and the Autenrieth Medicine Wagon; all historically accurately.

  • 360 VR rendering for viewing with Google cardboard on any smart phone through the program WondaVR which lets you create a kind of "choose or own adventure" interactive narrative.

  • Please note this is NOT FINAL, it was a proof of concept.  All movies sequences were rendered at half res, with very low GI settings, and only every 5th frame. 

  • Once approved the animation would be finished, real grass added, matte paintings done for the surrounding area, and bullets, smoke and other effects.

  • Please go to to view this in 360 on you computer

  • To view this in VR on your smartphone with Google Cardboard or a similar headset, please download the app WondaVR and scan the QR code below

Cyclone Production

  • All effects, animation and compositing for the company's main logo

American Music Street

  • Environment design and modeling based on clients vision

  • Camera and character animation based on clients soundscape

  • Lighting and rendering

  • Thoughtful use of many programs to create or modify assets to cut down on production time

SilVRscreen Productions

  • Environment design, texture enhancing from online assets and modification based on client's idea for a 360 VR project

  • The camera follows only a single path from the door to the window but the viewer can tun in any direction and see everything

  • Given some basic dimensions, camera path and reference photos from the client and told create a story of the back room of the sausage factory where his Grandfather was born during the 1905 San Francisco Earthquake.

  • All hanging items are rigged for proper simulation

  • All technical changes to actually render this scene in stereo 360 were met.

  • Since this is still a work in project piece I can only show some still images.


  • All animation, texturing, lighting, effects, rendering and editing

Crazy Boxers
  • Art direction and execution of 10 designs based on client's general idea.

  • Was given the model with props on a green screen. 

  • Green screen extraction and background added and lighting on the model and props adjusted as needed.

  • 90% of ads were approved on the first design.

Now Alchemy
  • Based on clients ideas; design and execution of logo and banners for website, social media and other marketing brochures.

  • 3D modeling, lighting and rendering of all the clients products to produce a consistent look across the site that could be achieved and maintained more easily then product photography.

main banner
Winning Bottles
Ormus Gold Pure
Omni Love
3rd Eye
Solar Plexus

  • Design, modeling, effects, animation, compositing and sound editing for the company's introductory logo.

Building Futures Fund

  • Based on to very rough child's drawing I created this Lego world

  • The full image is 8000 x 8000 so the kids can zoom in and interact as part of a game to identify different things.

Overall Pirate World
Building Futures Fund
  • Based on to very rough child's drawing I created this Lego world

  • The full image is 8000 x 8000 so the kids can zoom in and interact as part of a game to identify different things.

City Full
Green Energy
Train Station
Smaller City Area
Building Futures Fund
Christmas Lego Ornamnets

  • Created page by page PDF instructions manuals to make Christmas Ornaments as part of a fundraising campaign.

  • Based on existing designs and using Lego software I was able to screen capture the process and turn it into a PDF.

  • Lit and rendered all the ornaments so people could see the final look.

  • You can see an example PDF below.

All Icicles
Icicle Cover
Bell Cover
Candle Cover
All Small Balls
Small Ball Cover
All Multi-Color Balls
All Barels
Barrel Cover

  • Created photo-real rendering of new concept products

  • Photo-real renders of some current products to create a consistent look


  • Animate video of Smashbox's new product, Liquid Lip Ink.

  • Modeled, textured lit and animated it based on the client's idea of Ester Williams' 1930 synchronized swimming in old Hollywood movies

Marula Oil

  • Animate for Marula Oil's video introduction

  • Created, animated, textured and lit all aspects

Glam Glow

  • Created photo-real rendering and animation of a new product that could not be achieved by real world methods


  • Animate for T3's new hairdryer

  • Created, animated, textured and lit all aspects

Volumizing Brush

  • Animate for T3's new volumizing hairbrush

  • Created, animated, textured and lit all aspects

Press Kit

  • Created photo-real rendering of T3's products for a press kit

  • Explored many options to show their technology and products for an director that will "know what they like when they see it"

  • These are some of the finals images they chose

Altervision 3D

  • CG animated for an art proposal for music festivals

  • Created, animated, textured and lit all aspects


  • Photoshop collages of a proposal for Glow, 2013 of my fiber optic LED artwork into real world photos. 

  • This was put on by the city of Santa Monica and had over 100,000 people who came to see it for one night.

  • Selected as one under 10 artists over 300 applying

  • Was requested by Santa Monica arts board to do a second installation on the 3rd Street Promenade

  • Photos of the final installation, with over 10 new never been seen before pieces.

  • More can be seen at

TRASHed Coachella

  • Proposal for the Coachella Recycled Trash bin competition

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